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Clark front before.jpg (475091 bytes) Clark garage breezeway after.jpg (677361 bytes) Clark rear before garage.jpg (519944 bytes) Clark Rear Garage Patio.jpg (610810 bytes)

Front Before

New Garage

Rear Before

Rear of Garage

Clark Garage Exercise Room ADJ.jpg (458974 bytes) Clark Garage living room.jpg (435110 bytes) Clark Garage Kitchen ADJ.jpg (417102 bytes) Clark Garage Bath Shower.jpg (433258 bytes)

Exercise Room

Living room

Garage Kitchen

Garage Bath

Clark Garage Bedroom.jpg (453803 bytes) Clark Stone Wall Gable Garage.jpg (559028 bytes)

Guest Room

Garage Front

park front after p1170001.jpg (67953 bytes) park front right before.jpg (56765 bytes) park front right after 4.jpg (61659 bytes) park new front dormers p1170005.jpg (53156 bytes)

Eastover After 1

Eastover Before

Eastover After 2

New Dormers

park rear before 1.jpg (63100 bytes)

park rear after p1170017.jpg (51525 bytes)

park rear after 3.jpg (62559 bytes)

park rear outdoor fireplace p1170016.jpg (60364 bytes)

Rear Before

Rear After 1

Rear After2

Outdoor Fireplace

park new side porch p1170002.jpg (52197 bytes)

park side stoop cover p1170006.jpg (48259 bytes)

park den fireplace p1170058.jpg (30063 bytes)

park new garage level p1170015.jpg (51784 bytes)

New Side Porch

Stoop Cover

Den Fireplace

Garage & Studio

Quail Hollow 1

Quail Hollow 2

Q H Rear Before

Q H Rear After

Eastover1 Before

Eastover1 After

Mason front before 3rd floor p2280001.jpg (60268 bytes) Mason new front porch closeup p2280004.jpg (58389 bytes) Mason new front steps p2280008.jpg (64027 bytes) Mason new parking pad p2280007.jpg (65229 bytes)

Myers Park Facade

New Porch

New Steps

New Parking Pad

KeligrewBefore500mp.jpg (76089 bytes) Kelligrew Exterior After.jpg (650757 bytes) Kelligrew master bath p2200035.jpg (31363 bytes) Kelligrew master vanity p2200034.jpg (30106 bytes)

Dilworth Before

Addition After

Dilworth Bath

New Bath Vanity

DecarloRearBefore.jpg (101452 bytes) DecarloRearAfter1.jpg (119258 bytes) DecarloBrickCourtYard.jpg (148286 bytes) DecarloGreatRoom2.jpg (115834 bytes)

Garage Before

New Courtyard1

New Courtyard2

New Great Room

DecarloGreatRoom3.jpg (173561 bytes) DecarloGreatRoomEntry.jpg (112101 bytes) DecarloRearAfter.jpg (130069 bytes) DecarloNewGarage.jpg (125585 bytes)

Great Room 2

New Side Entry

New Pool

New Garage

Foxcroft1 Before1

Foxcroft1 After1

Foxcroft1 After2

Foxcroft1 After3

Garage & Guest


Garage BedRmSuite




Eastover2 Before

Eastover2 After1

Eastover2 Before

Eastover2 After1

Eastover2 After2

Eastover2 After2

Allen front porch before p3060028.jpg (58088 bytes) Allen front porch after p9130108.jpg (48303 bytes)

Myers Park 1

Myers Park 2

Porch before

Porch after

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